tis the season

Friday, September 21, 2012

Five Minute Friday - Wide

Wide is this distance between us. You are there and I am here, but in so many ways we are in the same place.

Wide is the storm's path. He blows through several times a year, leaving destruction and hurt in the wake. Next time I will recognize the warning signs and know when to board up and evacuate. I'm still in the aftermath and taking inventory.

Wide is the road ahead. So much room to sway to one side or another. So many choices to make. So many opportunities.

Wide are the rivers and valleys and oceans and plains that I would travel. There is no distance, literal or metaphorical, that I wouldn't go to be by your side when you need me.

Wide is the depth of my love for my precious little ones. It has no bottom, no end. It is always stretching into places I didn't know existed.

Wide is my Father's love for me. Wide is stretch of His arms around me.

It's Five Minute Friday - my favorite time of the week! Where writers and readers and other regular folks come together and share our hearts. We have one word to focus on and five minutes to write with reckless abandon. No edits, no search for perfection - just giving voice to our hearts. If you're not in on the fun, you really should be! Come on over!


  1. If we love our children with such a wide, deep love, can you imagine how much HE loves us?!

  2. That is reference that always brings His love closest to my heart. It's the nearest that we can ever get to understanding His love for us!