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Friday, November 2, 2012

Enjoy the Ride

I know lots of you that are spending everyday in November being thankful. I think I'll join in, too. There's nothing like being late to a party! :-)

Day 3 - Thankful for the ride.

When I was a little girl, I spent every other weekend traveling up I-65 to Georgiana with my grandparents. I treasure those memories of the country, but 1 1/2 hours was a long time spent in the back seat of a car! I can still hear myself saying, "Are we there yet?"

Here we are - Friday, the end of another week. I am so happy to be here..... yet I know it's really just a checkpoint along the way. There is a part of me that sighs and whines like that 8 year old on a road trip because I know in two days we'll be doing it again.

And isn't that way with so many things in life?  We want to get to the place where we're happy. Where the struggles are over and we can peacefully settle in. Where we can look around and know this is it. We have arrived.

The truth, my friend, is that you and I will never have that..... not on this earth, anyway.

What you will have is plenty of rest stops along the way to your destination. They are the next steps that our Father has planned for us. That project. New relationships. Different destinations. Not the be-all-end-all that our soul's long for, but perhaps a step closer.

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm going to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. There is no heaven here on earth, so quit killing yourself trying to find it or create it. There is rest and relief knowing that I don't have to reach perfection along this road. He has more than enough grace for the trip.

No, we haven't reached the end of the road yet. But the experience of getting there is incredible. Don't be so focused on the destination that you miss the scenery.

Enjoy the ride!


  1. Great perspective, Jessica! And what a gorgeous picture!!! Can't believe you traveled that much every other weekend- wow! I hope that this month of thankfulness is a sweet practice for you.
    I'm thankful for your heart and your compassion for others!

  2. Your encouraging words always make my heart smile! :-) Thanks so much for that!