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Friday, August 17, 2012

Five Minute Friday - Stretch

Stretching.... deliberate, intentional lengthening.

I've always meant to give yoga a try. I like quiet time, the focus. Many of my friends that practice yoga swear by it. So why haven't I done it?

Why haven't I done my own stretching.... reaching out of my comfort zone to try something new?

The only honest answer is fear. Fear of judgement. Fear of not fitting in with the group of lean and limber women that I assume will be there. Fear of not being good enough.

Doesn't it always come back to fear? Those things that you find reasons not to do. The words that you can't seem to say. Fear will hold you firmly in place.... but only if you let it.

I could use a good stretch. The burn and satisfaction of knowing I am going beyond what is comfortable.

Intentionally lengthening my reach. Unsure of what you'll think of me. Questioning how I'll be looked at and received. But confident in the One who gives me reach.

The God who spoke me into being is prompting me to reach. Who am I to question this urging?

This lengthening beyond the point where you are comfortable - this stretching - is intentional. The further you reach, the further He reaches through you.

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  1. Yes...fear keeps us back from so much. Stretching breaks us out of rear. Thanks Jessica for that reminder!

  2. Well, crazy typo. :) I meant breaks us out of fear... ha.

  3. There's such truth in this post. I'm constantly reminding myself that the fear of what others think is simply pride in more humble clothing. We should care only what our Father thinks of us!