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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The ABC's of Life

Things I Want To Teach My Daughter:
The ABC's of Life

It's been said by many that you'll learn everything you need to know about life in kindergarten. One of the most important things you'll learn early on is your ABCs. Here is a special version of the ABCs that I hope you'll take to heart.

My wish for my children is that they will always be:

Authentic... There is only one you and that's truer than true.
Brave... Step out and stand up.
Compassionate... Suffering is real. Fundamental love and kindness can change someone's world.
Dependable... Be the rock others can count on. You'll need a place to lean someday.
Edgy... Stay ahead of the curve.
Faithful... Steadfast and unwavering in your love and beliefs - in God Almighty and mankind.
Genuine... Let your actions and words always come from your heart.
Humble... The higher you rise, the harder you'll fall. Keep your feet planted on a solid foundation.
Intentional... Say what you mean & mean what you say. Every word and action has consequences.
Jovial... Your hearty, joyous humor and contagious smile are a light to the world.
Kind... The world has enough judgement & hate. Kindness is rare.
Logical... Cause and effect is a much simpler concept than we make it out to be.
Mysterious...Keep them guessing!
Neighborly... You share this earth with millions of other living creatures. Respect their space.
Objective... Emotions can cloud your judgement. Decide with your head, not your heart.
Patient... Everything will come in time - maybe not your time, but the right time.
Quirky... Your imperfections are perfectly beautiful.
Respectful... The journey of those who came before you deserves acknowledgement.
Selective... "One monkey don't stop no show." You can do without the negative people in your life.
Tactful... Take time to filter your words between your mind and your mouth. Speak with care.
Uplifting... Elevate those around you and you will never be lonely.
Vibrant... Your energy and light will brighten every dark place that it touches.
Willing... Act on the promptings of your heart.
X-pressive... Never let a kind word go unsaid or a good deed undone. Tomorrow may be too late.
Youthful... Hold on to wonder with the tightest grip possible.
Zealous... Pursue your dreams with an unrelenting resolve.

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