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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Where the Pieces Fit

I've been involved in a lot of planning lately - in my personal and work lives.

Planning is a good thing. I am a girl who likes to have a plan.

I think of it like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. I want to have a vision for what the big picture looks like - you know, like the picture on the box. It's easier for me to see where the pieces fit that way.

The other side of that coin is that the big picture can be overwhelming.... 1000 pieces is enough to scare me off. I'll just pick a simpler puzzle, thank you very much!

As I find myself in the middle of the week, with a lot yet ahead of me, I Stop. Breathe. Pray.

What is behind me and what lies ahead is in the hands of One that is bigger than I.

He will sort out the pieces of this puzzle - the corners and edges that make up the framework.

He will direct my path and answer my questions in His perfect timing.

I don't know all of the plans being made around me, how pieces fit together -

And that is okay, even for this girl that finds so much comfort in knowing.

Because, while I may not know the details of the plan,

I know the end result for me is a beautiful picture of blessings.

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  1. I can so relate to this, Jessica. Thank you for the reminder to trust!