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Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Finding Joy - Day 1

What a day to start this project. I decided to participate in the 31 Days of writing and picked a topic weeks ago. I didn't realize that today, the first day of writing, would be the kind of day it has been.

Finding joy is just what I need to do. If you had watched this play out on TV, you'd be expecting me to say "Screw it. There isn't anything good about this day." And that is what I would have done at one point in my life. But not today.

Today, the disappointments and let downs of the day pale in comparison to the joy in my life. And that is all about the way I am choosing to see things. I am letting the wonderful, joyful things shine brightly and that is where my gaze is set.

My joy for today - genuine friendship, sincere connection.

People that are courageous enough to be vulnerable. A respect for the knowledge and perspective you bring. True collaborations that seek to foster community. Understanding that together we are more than we could ever be standing alone.

God has given me new perspectives on my relationships. I am changed. Some relationships have endured and changed too. Others, sadly, have not.

Today, I realize that to get where I am going some things have to be left behind... my pride, my need for approval from key people in my life, and some relationships.

I thank Him for every relationship and the lessons He has taught me through them. 

That is my joy for Day 1!


  1. That is great girl! What a great memory with a wonderful friend. We need to plan a Paint and Pals night again soon!! :)

  2. I couldn't agree more, Amy! Love and miss you... I have a new office space that needs some a painting!