tis the season

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


If you asked me to use 5 words to describe myself, "emotional" would definitely make the list.

I don't see that as a negative characteristic, although learning to manage the emotions continues to be a journey. It's what makes me care so much and be so passionate about certain things. It makes me sensitive and empathetic. It's the thing that connects me with others beyond a surface level.

But, just like every coin, being emotional has two sides. Those very characteristics that make me compassionate and empathetic are the very ones that get in the way when it comes to having to make logical decisions. My emotions are usually pretty raw and right on the surface. I do not bury things too deep and I definitely would not make it in the professional poker world. I've learned that I have to give myself at least a day or two to let things soak in and emotions settle before I can make a smart, sound decision where matters of the heart are concerned. Is that the case for you, too?

So, when I was asked by the gals at (in)courage to lead a group of people through a book study with a focus on everyday faith, "Unglued: Making Wise Decisions In the Midst of Raw Emotions" by Lysa TurKeurest seemed like a natural choice. And it's no coincidence that I could use this message in my personal life right about now as well!

The book study begins on October 2nd and goes through December 2nd. My new-found friend and co-leader, Sarah Tummey, and I will be reading and studying the book. Each week, Sarah and I will post about chapters on our personal blogs and facilitate discussion on a private Facebook group page.

We'd love for you to join us! Young or old, married or single, male or female - at the heart of us, we are all the same. "Faith Without Borders - (In)couragement Wherever You Are" is a group that will lift you up and focus on strengthening your everyday faith. You'll find a strand of your story woven into the stories of others.

Want to join us at "Faith Without Borders"? Come on over...


  1. Jessica, I just tried to join the group at Faith without Borders, but it said that the page does not exist. . . . I'd like to join your group. I have the book (on my Kindle), and I could use the (in)couragement, too! (life with a teenager, even if he is in college is enough to turn my gray hairs even grayer--or the rest of my brown hair gray, I'm not sure which!)

    1. Thanks so much for letting me know about the link! Try again - I think it's fixed. I'll add you to our group with overwhelming joy! You're such a blessing, my dear. :-)